Commercial Litigation


Commercial litigation is a broad category of litigation, encompassing a variety of claims such as breach of contract and business torts that can arise out of the transactions of any business such as:

  • Dealership agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Governmental regulation
  • Indemnification and insurance agreements
  • Non-conforming goods
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Unfair trade practices


Every business, no matter how careful or conscientious, is forced to deal with such issues from time to time.  As trial attorneys with genuine experience in litigating these matters, Ricci Tyrrell Johnson & Grey understands what is necessary to protect our clients from unwanted and unnecessary claims and what is necessary to prosecute commercial claims.  We work to ensure our business clients are not abused or unfairly treated either by the legal system or other entities, whether protecting or enforcing legitimate rights.

Our Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation Lawyers not only provide litigation services when required, but we also focus on being proactive with our clients and provide them with business advice to help minimize business risks.

Practice Group Members:  William J. Ricci John E. Tyrrell,  Francis J. Grey, Jr.,  Patrick J. McStravick