Premises Liability


The attorneys at Ricci Tyrrell Johnson & Grey represent retail stores, hotels, stadium and arena operators, private and commercial property owners, lessors/lessees, and private, commercial, and institutional premise operators on matters involving claims such as:

  • Conditions of the premises (exterior: sidewalk and parking lot surface defects or conditions, such as ice/snow, uneven pavement or other surface defects) and interior (spilled substances, slippery surfaces, employee negligence)
  • Professional liability within the retail industry and specific to individual retailers such as retail chain pharmacy negligence, and sales misrepresentations
  • Inadequate security
  • Claims for sales of defective products, and vendors endorsements
  • Landlord–tenant lease agreement obligations such as duties to defend and/or indemnify
  • Indemnification clauses in vendor contracts
  • Additional insured requirements in vendor contracts


In addition to defending claims, Ricci Tyrrell attorneys offer their clients risk-management and consulting expertise. These services include evaluation of security and surveillance systems, training of employees, preparation of incident reporting forms and evaluation of incident data trends.

Practice Group Members: John E. Tyrrell, Francis J. Grey, Jr., James W. Johnson, Michael T. Droogan, Jr.Rebecca E. Leonard, Monica V. Pennisi Marsico, Patrick J. McStravick