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Ricci Tyrrell Announces Community Justice Pro Bono Program

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Originally posted: June 9, 2020

Among the observations available of events over the last few weeks is the growing consensus that might be emerging  over a cause that should never have been a subject of controversy to begin with.  The momentum toward recognition and rejection of unjust police conduct against blacks could be swiftly advancing after moving at a painful crawl for decades.

As awareness has improved, statements of unity and support have been issued by law firms and other businesses. These affirmations of policy and resolutions against discrimination and for diversity are welcome; but Ricci Tyrrell should strive to stand at this time with those firms looking to take real action.

So motivated, we are excited to announce the formation of the Ricci Tyrrell Community Justice Pro Bono Program.  Our firm will immediately provide structure and resources to expand our pro bono commitment and focus on efforts by our lawyers which seek to aid the representation of interests fighting discrimination and inequity.  Efforts to combat prejudice and violence perpetrated against the black community will receive firm support as will efforts directed to fighting the targeting of other groups. The news in recent months has included unwarranted attacks on Asian Americans related to the origin of the coronavirus; anti-Semitic attacks are at historically high levels according to the Anti-Defamation League; FBI statistics reveal that 1 in 5 hate crimes stem from anti-LGBTQ bias; bias against people of Hispanic and Latin American origin has increased in response to a concerted political effort at cultivating it.  These and other causes will be appropriate recipients of firm support.

Firm Member Nancy Green will provide leadership in this important effort.  As lawyers we can march and donate and volunteer as others can.  But we can also try to affect change by using our professional legal skills and experience. This is a method of contribution uniquely available to us.


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